Angolan Natural History Expo

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A collection of unique Angolan artefacts, photographs and archive films will be exclusively showcased in London by the Powell-Cotton Museum on 20 May.

The free event is organised in association with the Centro de Apoio Social Weleitschia and the Angolan community in London. This will be a great opportunity to socialise while at the same time having access to extraordinary aspects of the country’s culture.

Visitors will be treated to free refreshments and live entertainment with music from XEYE. The organisers say “this event is the first in a series featuring Angolan collection at the Powell-Cotton Museum”.

Learning more

Over the summer of 2011 there will be film screenings, media training workshops for young people and free trips to the museum to see the collection up close.

The Powell-Cotton describes itself as Kent’s Natural History Museum offering family days out. It was established at Quex Park in 1896 by Major Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton (1866-1940) to house natural history museum specimens and cultural objects collected on expeditions to Asia and Africa.

The museum is hoping to attract a large number of Angolan families as a way to instigate interest in learning about their country’s natural history and bringing Angolan children born in the UK closer to their heritage.

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