Book Launch: Impact of Political and Economic Austerity by Clara Macedo Cabral

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Clara Macedo CabralA new book by a Portuguese author Clara Macedo Cabral looks at life in multicultural London. It takes the readers through the current economic and political climate. It also analyses the impact that these factors have in the life of Londoners. The Winter of the Foxes is her second book. The first book was entitled There are foxes in the park.


This new book takes the readers through various topics. These include the coalition government and the division between the main political parties. It also deals with the financial cuts and the war in Afghanistan. Cabral looks at how the continuing changes have been affecting those who live in London.

The Winter of the Foxes will be launched in London on Thursday 19 May. It is subtitled “Other London Chronicles”. The book also gives an insight into “the true stories of Lusitanian and Brazilian immigration trends. And it looks at a pattern of returning home.”

Cabral Macedo Cabral adds:

it is all dealt with in a detailed and personalised way  that does not reach the national news. It is woven by personal considerations of an observer  following the daily life of a  multicultural city. It provides tips for any Portuguese who settles here. It also explains about the UK electoral, educational and judiciary systems.

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