Croatia: Natural Beauty

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Croatia, or should I say Sibenik, does truly offer  the unsuspecting visitor a beauty greater than what the travel guides describe.

My very first time travelling to these parts of the world I truly did not suspect what awaited me. The first impression was not so great. As we struggled to find the place booked via Airbnb we were mortified to come across a half finished building site in the middle of an uncared for lawn with an old boat out front! Luckily we had the wrong place, the GPs was lost and upon calling our hosts they gave us directions to the correct place. A nice cosy family home fully done up!

The places were we stayed was very closed to the Krka national park, and that is why we chose it. The park was our must see attraction in Croation, we had read so many nice things about it and from the photographs online it seemed like a dream place. Nothing could have described the true beauty of this place in real justice. We travelled to the park by car, a short drive away and then on arrival we were taken by coach down a mountain hill, the coach stopped halfway down the mountain and from there we continue on foot through the National Park. 

It was a very hot summer day but the heat did not bother us much, in fact it was welcomed, not too much not too little, as we walked down the mountain we stepped on man made walkways over water springs flowing along down the mountain towards the mesmerizing waterfall right down at the bottom. The walk down was very pleasant with plenty of trees and shade, lots of places to stop, rest and take pictures. As we got closer and closer to the bottom the roaring of the great waterfall grew louder and the anxiety to reach the bottom grew stronger.

As we reached the bottom we get sight of the huge waterfall and its pool full of swimmers. The anxiety grows even stronger as all one wants to do is to get in the water and waddle towards the fall. So much excitement helps to get past the initial shock of the very cold water and the surprisingly rocky waterbed. Looking around everyone is smiling for photos and videos but all the while taking care, and many failing, not to slip in the rocks that sit underwater.

This was a very unique experience, not only does the sight of the waterfall takes your breath away even from when you first see it from far away, but also the amazing sensation of paddling in this water, knee deep, and looking on to this powerful natural force cascading down the mountain.

After the cold bath it was time to walk up the hill again and then catch the coach halfway up the park and get immersed in the hot summer heat once again.

There is so much to see and do in the National Park but unfortunately our plans only included the water falls. Our next stop the following day was the beach: crystal clear water washing ashore on the pebble beaches. 

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