Well Known Trusted Brand

Avon is a well-known and trusted brand of Cosmetics. It prides itself on being the company for women. It effectively offers women the opportunity to run their Own Business a way to earn money with flexible, home-based work.

Quick and Easy Online Shopping for Special Gifts

I am one of such women and you can find great products at ‘My Avon store‘. You can shop for great Christmas Gift Ideas, Makeup, Fragrances, Skincare and Accessories online while still supporting the ‘Avon Ladies’ who although do still have to do a lot of the leg work to drum up business, does not have to rely solely on being able to physically go door-to-door day, after, after day.

Home Delivery Anywhere in the UK

By incorporating an individual website for each Avon Representative, the cosmetics company made it simpler to promote to our target group AND to the wider world – anyone can get leaflets, sales magazines and brochures  instantaneously in messaging apps such as Whats Up, or via Social Media.  And anyone within the UK can place orders via the website and get *free delivery directly to their home address

Local Avon Representative – Kensington and Chelsea

If you are local to Kensington and Chelsea you can contact me directly if you would like hard copy brochures. Feel free to also contact me if your order does not qualify for free direct delivery as I may be able to take your order and get the items to you at no extra cost.


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