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If you are looking to shop for the most recent items in the Avon Catalogue you have come to the right place. Simply click here and you will be taken to my Avon store where you can find affordable high quality cosmetics, accessories, perfumes and of course many Christmas Gifts Ideas. Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her,  Gifts for the Kids and even Gifts for the Dog! all very high quality at reasonable prices

How did I get to become an Avon Rep

So my journey with Avon has only just started and I am really excited about getting in to this, about ‘owning my own business’ as Avon puts it. Funny enough my journey started a very long time ago and by a strange coincidence, or should I say ‘force’ the opportunity to actually get set up and get stuck in to it only presented itself in actuality now.

Around five years ago I was approached by two ladies in Portobello Road who asked me if I was over 18 and looking for work. The answer to those two questions was yes, so they took my details and explained that they would be in touch about this work opportunity with Avon.However time went by and I never head anything back. A short while later I found a full time ‘proper’ job, which I was very happy with and forgot about this whole thing.

Is this a sign?

Move forward to a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking to myself and, having started to dedicate more of my time to mindfulness, spirituality, power of positivity and to the powers of the universe to give us what we ask for, I asked the universe to give me ‘lots of money’ or a means to make lots of money.

So when a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue, I received the text message “Avon is recruiting. Reply with your EMAIL address to see how much you could earn […] 18+” I thought to myself that maybe this is a sign, maybe this is the universe’s way to ‘give me the means to make lots of money’. So I replied to the text message and, as they say the rest is history… will hopefully be one with a very good ending.

Easy Peasy

Getting set up with Avon was very easy and straightforward. After receiving the information pack via email all I had to do was have a video chat with another rep [a mentor?] who checked my ID and proof of address,  explained the basics of Avon and then sent me a link to a registration form which I completed. And I am now officially an Avon rep – I have ordered my starter Kit which costs £15.00. I went for the cheaper one which was all the basic information minus any products. My choice of starter pack was based on the fact that I want to concentrate my efforts on selling online rather than ‘face-to-face’ and that meant that, to start with I just needed to make sure I had seen and read all the information and paperwork and did not necessarily need, at this stage, to order any products.

Now for the harder part

As I a am officially all set up and ready to go, the only thing left to do is to actually start selling! I am very excited, lets see how I get on!

I am based in West London, W11. If you are ordering online via my store for delivery Avon can send it anywhere in the UK. If you are local to Kensington and Chelsea you can contact me to place order and arrange delivery.



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