My Avon Journey So Far


Wellcome to my Journey. I am an Avon Rep in North Kensington but you can place an order with me online from anywhere in the UK. If you are reading this story, you either follow me on Facebook or you stumbled upon this by chance while looking for something else. Either way, stick around read on. Don’t forget to visit My Avon Store when you’re done reading.

As you may have gathered, I am Filomena Furtado. I live in West London (North Kensington) and I recently joined as an Avon Representative. This is something that I decided to do part time, and, in my free time. I have chosen the Facebook Page name Arundel Cosmetics – Avon because it will be familiar to my locals (as I am an Avon Rep in North Kensington) who I would hopefully be taken direct orders from soon!

How Did I Become an Avon Representative

Well … I became a new mum in mid-2018 and I am now returning to work gradually. For the time being I am working part-time while looking after my baby. I was looking for challenges to keep my mind active, outside of bringing up my beautiful boy. And I was also looking for ideas of how I can use the skills that I have to earn some extra money as ‘every little helps’.

While thinking up ideas of what I could do for extra cash, I receive a text message from Avon who, by chance was recruiting for new Representatives. I replied asking for further details and within a couple of weeks I had been signed up, received my welcome kit and was ready to begin!

So, in a nutshell that is the story of how I became an Avon Representative.

Now for the harder part

I have been set up for just over a month now and have started by spreading the word among my family, friends, some acquaintances and also, due to the wonders of the Internet, Facebookers!

As I don’t have that many family and friends I am focusing my energies mostly on Facebookers and web users in general. After all, according to statistics, one of the top ten reasons why people use the internet is for shopping.

The story so far is short and succinct. If you have not done so already please Like my Facebook page @ArundelCosmetics. If you have done so please invite your friends who [may] like Avon products to like and follow my page. There is a vast range, from makeup, skincare, perfumes, bubble baths and shower gels to pyjamas accessories and gifts.

I will be keeping you updated via the Facebook page with new offers, great products and will also let you know how my journey develops.

I Wish You all a Very Happy New Year! 

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