Why Buy Avon Cosmetics From My Online Store


1. Well Known Trusted Brand

Generally when anyone says Avon Cosmetics there is no need for further explanation. Avon is a well-known and trusted brand. Most people will recognise the name and concept straight away.

But here is some generalised background history: Avon prides itself on being the company for women. It effectively offers women the opportunity to run their own business from home, and consequently a way to earn money via flexible work. That said, some men also find that Avon’s model provides a great opportunity for them to earn money. Therefore despite having traditionally been established and promoted as a ‘Company for Women’, Avon does provide a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to put in a hard days’ work. According to the BBC about 5% of Avon’s sales reps are men.

2. Quick and Easy Shopping Experience – online and direct from rep

With the option of Instant Brochures, which can be sent to you via Text, What’s Up, Messenger, Email, Etc., it is now so much easier to let you know about all the latest and best offers straight away.  Also, importantly , with ‘My Avon Store’  you can start and complete your orderers at any time of the day , or night.  And you will have your items sent directly to you via a courier.

Being an ‘Avon Lady’ today is not just about door-to-door sales in the traditional sense.  It is also about connecting to a wider range of customers online and stretching the reach of a ‘door knock’ to potentially anyone with an online connection. Be it those of you who are completely new to Avon, or those that have in the past been loyal customers but have somehow lost track of a local Avon rep who can get you the products that you love.

3. Quality and Range

As most people who are familiar with Avon will  know, it offers great range of top quality personal care products at very competitive prices. These include: skin care (Vegan range Distillery now available), makeup, fragrances, accessories and a lot more.

4. Avon does NOT test on animals anywhere in the world – and have introduced a Vegan range of skin care

Avon was proud to announce recently that it has stopped animal testing EVERYWHERE in the world. It has also recently introduced Distillery, a Vegan range of skincare products.

“Avon Products, Inc, is no longer testing on animals anywhere in the world and is putting systems in place to ensure that none of its suppliers tests on animals, either.” Source Peta

5. Home Delivery Anywhere in the UK*

The option to offer customers online shopping with me makes it easier to reach out to a wider community. This means that I don’t have to focus on those located in my local area. Anyone in the UK can get leaflets, sales magazines and brochures  instantaneously. Anyone can place orders via the website with the option of free delivery* directly to your home door.

Get in Touch!

If you still have any questions about my business feel free to contact me. Otherwise I look forward to receiving your orders soon. And DON’T FORGET to send me your details if you would like to be added to my list to receive the Instant Brochures as soon as they are published!

If you are local to Kensington and Chelsea I would be happy to hand deliver a printed copy of the latest brochure to you. I can also place your orders the traditional way and hand deliver them to you at no extra cost, if this is your preferred way of shopping for Avon Cosmetics.


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